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Advanced Payment System
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The Future of World Mining Industry

About us

APS555 was founded in 2020 in Shenzhen, China and has become a pioneer in the development and promotion of equipment for the deployment and maintenance of decentralized payment systems using POS consensus protocols. According to leading engineers and financial analysts around the world, private payment systems using the POS protocol in the next ten years will be the most demanded and fastest growing due to their highest standards of safety, reliability and environmental friendliness, since, unlike POW systems, they do not require high energy costs and equipment efficiency.

APS technology company is a team of highly qualified engineers and its own design office in the heart of industrial China, but our main business priority is to develop and promote private financial systems powered by BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology that will improve the lives of ordinary people and the investment climate around the world. Our goal is to create favorable conditions for the construction of decentralized P2P networks for users supporting various payment systems based on POS protocols.

APS555 helps its partners and clients to build a joint high-margin business, and develop a completely new sector of the global economy. We are building a new model of a free economy without borders and restrictions.
We provide quality software
We assist and support our clients to develop their business in POS mining industry fast and successfully
We provide replacement of faulty devices in a short time.
We have technical customer support for any question.
Retail sale of solutions is carried out through a distribution network.
We develop and regularly update software for our clients.

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